Going Korean – Looking Your Best during the Summer Season

summer time korean fashionHere comes the summer season. There are so many reasons to want to hate it. It gets uncomfortable to go outside, it is a struggle to travel, and you get susceptible to dehydration and tropical weather-related diseases such as mosquito bites and diarrhea.

But while summer is a season many people would want to hate, it is also the perfect season for going to the beach, exercising, and planning vacations since students are on holidays at this time. It is also the season when some plants bloom and flourish, including the world-famous sunflower.

During summer, it can be easy to simply grab whatever light clothing you have since there is no reason for you to layer up. However, the tank-top-and-shorts duo is not the only type of fashion you can go with during this season and you must not forget to dab a little of Peach & Lily Korean Cosmetics. There are many ways for you to feel light and fresh while looking fashionable.

Look at Koreans who make summer a great way to flaunt their features. They turn the beach into a must-watch catwalk by thriving on elegance rather than drabness. You can take some time to look at their style and improvise to fit into your fashion.

Here are some tips that are grabbed from Koreans that can help you look your best this summer season:

1. Be creative with your footwear

Fit flops are a common sight during summer, but when in South Korea, you will realize that many people use closed shoes even during this warm season. For one, closed shoes always look more elegant than open-toed ones, and are more comfortable for walking.

fab summer footwear for girlsBut you don’t have to use drab heavy shoes! Consider wearing airy footwear that’s made with light materials. A white summer dress can be paired with espadrilles with either neutral or loud colors. A white polo and tan shorts can be paired with closed leather sandals. There are so many creative pairings that you can use, so make the most of the different types of footwear available in retail stores. As you can see, this style is very much influenced by Spanish fashion.

2. The umbrella is a great accessory

Summer is a great season for going to the beach; however, it is also the rainiest season of the year. So be prepared and bring an umbrella with you. An umbrella is a fashionable accessory, and there are a lot of options you can use to complement your look perfectly. You may want to wear an all-white get-up and use a transparent umbrella. You can also wear flowery shirts and use a plain-colored umbrella. There are so many things you can do with completing your look just with having an umbrella with you.

3. Do not be afraid to put layers

layering as a fashion solutionAlthough summer is not associated with layers, it can also be a good season to do creative segmenting. The reason being, even though it can be warm during the day, it can be windy and cooler at night. So, you don’t want to suffer the cool weather with your tank top and shorts ensemble. Usually, summer can also bring a lot of winds since it is a rainy season. So, you can use light cardigans and scarves along with your summer clothes.

Scarves are anyone’s best friend, so do not be afraid to mix colors and textures. During this season, it is important for you to get a light material that can help you breathe and stay cool with this warm weather.

It also helps if you use light colors since they can reflect light. Dark colors tend to absorb light and so can make you feel heavy and uncomfortable. It is a fact that’s been proven time and again in science, so make this color selection work for you.

Summer is one of the most-awaited seasons of the year especially for those who love the outdoors. Get it from the Koreans and enjoy this season with style.

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